Honoring those who prove


The 70 Over 70 Next Chapter Awards, presented by Hannan Center, represent the human potential that continues and in many cases increases with age. Awardees reflect the diverse interests, accomplishments and lifestyles of older people in Michigan.

Nominations and Awards Information

What is the age requirement for the 70 Over 70 Awards?

All nominees must be 70 years of age or older to be eligible for consideration.

How are the 70 Over 70 awardees selected?

All nominations will be reviewed by a judging panel comprised of Hannan Center trustees, past awardees, and community members. The panel will review the nominations carefully and debate the merits of the candidates, weighing their achievements until the 70 Over 70 Class of 2019 is determined. There will be ten awardees per category.

Please note that one exemplary awardee in each category will be chosen to receive the Hannan 70 Over 70 Impact Award which will be presented during the brunch program. All other awardees will be recognized by name at the event and highlighted in the program book.


All awardees will receive two complimentary tickets to the event (1 for them, 1 for a guest). Additional tickets will be available for purchase.


Please contact Tara Franey at tfraney@hannan.org or 313.833.1300 ext 20

70 Over 70 Class of 2019


Walter Bailey
James Chaney
Daniel Cicchelli
Lester Johnson
Mose McKinley
Carole Morisseau
Priscilla Phifer
Richard Phillps
Ronald Scarbough
Tom Sparrow


Rory Bolger
Paul Bridgewater
Sheila Cockrel
Dr. Edward Domino
Patricia Lay Dorsey
Marilyn French Hubbard
Danny Raskin
Clara Rich
Sister Nancyann Turner
Dr. Geneva Williams


Darralyn Bowers
Amelita Burton Mandingo
James Cole, Jr.
Bert Dearing
W. Jerry Garrett
David Griffis, Jr.
Edmond Hasty
Valerie Irwin
James McKissic
Erick Ryberg


Sister Fiorentina D’Amore
Patrick Dignan
Clara Doutly
Mary “Chris” Fleischer
Jo-Ann Hale
Pauline Hester
Elizabeth Johnson
Susan McDonald
Mose Nowland
Donna Oas


Alma Greer
Sylvia Cottrell
Martin Herman
Marilyn Lawson
Regina Love
Sheila Mitchell
Sharon O’Brien
William Robinson
Vernard Rubens
Carol Williams


Ali Baleed Almaklani
Kate Brennan
Danny Craig
Helen Hart
Valgene Hill
David Ippel
Antonette McIlwain
Brunetta Vinson
Margaret Weber
Myrlen Washington Calloway


Lena Barkley
Dianne Bodell
Father Victor Clore
Carol Edwards
Ken Johnson
Johnnie Lee Kellom
James Mangi
Don Nadel/Gil Evans
Tamara Perrin
Deldon Treece

Award Descriptions

Awardees will have engaged in the creation, teaching and/or advancement of art through dissemination. They will have shown a commitment to enriching communities through art–by creating or facilitating increased access to art–and made them more beautiful as a result. Craftspeople will have created exceptional artwork and teachers/facilitators will have helped communities have greater access and knowledge of art.

Awardees will have lived interesting and fulfilling lives as well as continued to contribute to their communities allowing them to have aged and continue aging well. Contributions can be in the form of new careers, mentorship, volunteerism, or other areas. The person will have made outstanding contributions of significance in their lifetimes and exemplify aging that others aspire to experience.

Awardees will have entrepreneurial spirit and initiative. They will have started and/or own and operate their own business. They will have taken the time to shape ideas into well performing ventures as well as operationalize innovation and demonstrate resilience. Awardees will have either newly entered the entrepreneurship field by starting or supporting a new business or have owned and operated their own business within the last 10 years.

Awardees will have consistently operated in service to individuals or groups–contributing talents, skills, and support to family, friends, and neighbors–with little recognition. They will have a demonstrated a deep and tireless yet quiet commitment to service that enhances the quality of life in their communities. Awardees will exhibit leadership as a positive role model and have positively influenced a circumstance from behind the scenes.

Awardees will have demonstrated a lively curiosity and willingness to study new subjects or have a serious involvement with a specific subject matter. They will treat learning itself as a valued part of life and through it found ways to continuously recreate themselves through personal and/or professional growth. They will have an enthusiastic lifelong commitment to learning.

Awardees will have demonstrated outstanding civic service and meaningful involvement while fostering a spirit of service in others. The depth and scope of their work will have had significant impact on the community in which they’ve served. They will have a commitment and passion to improving the community and their work and leadership bring others into service.

Awardees will have cultivated solutions to identified community challenges and used those solutions to build communities and neighborhoods in unprecedented ways. They will be leaders in creating social, cultural and economic value in communities in ways that drastically shift public discourse, perceptions, and realities.


For more information about the event or sponsorship opportunities, please contact Tara Franey – 313.833.1300 ext. 20 or email tfraney@hannan.org

70 Over 70 The Next Chapter Awards™ is produced by Hannan Center, which houses the programs and services of the Luella Hannan Memorial Foundation, and has served older adults in the metro Detroit area for over 94 years.